New Pullip Dolls For August

2 new Pullip dolls will be out this month!

Pullip Meg who I don’t particular care for and another doll named Sepia Alice Pullip!

Groove can just take all my money now because Sepia is a total no brainier, the colors are antique and she deserves a spot in any collection.

_IGP1157 _IGP1265


Super Sonico After the Party Figure

Have you ordered your Super Sonico After the Party figure?

Pre-orders went up and I’m still on the fence on rather I should order . . . or not order.


I mean I love everything about her body!

She’s looking smoking hot and the guitar accessory is so cool! But unfortunately the only thing holding me from pulling the trigger, is her face.

Yes guys, I feel that this Sonico figure has a butter face.

I love everything but her face. It’s too sharp and triangular.


I’m sure once I view owner photos I’ll be cursing myself for not pre-ordering her but for now I think I’m making a solid choice on not ordering her.

This photo of her from behind is torture for me. I’ll try not to break down and purchase her. I must be strong and resist the Sonico temptation!


Photo of her without the guitar



Super Sonico Parties Hard In the After the Party Figure

If you loved Orchid Seed’s take on Super Sonico in her bondage outfit, than you’ll love this upcoming figure brought to you by Good Smile Company who teamed up with Wing to deliver fans Super Sonico in her, yep bondage outfit.

I for one, am excited for this release, her flirtatious pose, gorgeous face, and those sexy sexy fishnets. :O

Those boots are also hot as well.

No details on her price or pre-order date have been announced.

I like totally want this figure like right NOW!


Super Sonico Is Bringing Sexy Back To The Workplace

Have I told you how much I love Super Sonico?

Well If I haven’t, I’m like infatuated with her and this latest figure by Wing though still in the prototype phase is so random that I don’t even know what to think at this point?

I wonder why they decided to have Sonico in a workplace environment lol O.O

Ah, whatever the reason, Sonico with her tight short work uniform is still looking enticing as ever. :P

Looking forward to seeing the finish product!


Azone Chershire Cat Aika dolls

I have to get my hands on at least one of these girls.

I’ve been eying the Azone Chershire Cat Aika dolls for ages now.

They are insanely cute and surprisingly they are still available to purchase on hobby search, so I may take the plunge and order one tonight.

I just got paid and I’m ready to spend some moola XD

I never had an Azone doll before so I’m really excited and can’t wait to have her in my hands!

Now the hard part is choosing just 1 doll?

Hmm, its times like these, when Eeny, meeny, miny, moe works wonders.



Holy smokes its Pullip Kirakishou

I don’t know how I missed this but apparently Groove will release a Pullip Kirakishou.

When I first stumbled across these big-headed dolls known as pullip, I noticed that she was a doll who had a very hefty price tag.

Right now she’s currently priced at $3,000. Goodness that’s an extreme price for a doll.

But I was so happy to see that groove would be making a 2014 version for new pullip fans such as myself to be able to add her to our collection.

I would love to add Kirakishou to my collection, that is if my money isn’t tied up with a new enticing Sonico figure. ;)


Pullip Sailor Moon Luna Doll

She's so cute

She’s so cute

I’m like anxiously waiting and border line stalking pullip doll sites, in hopes that new information on pullip sailor moon will be revealed.

I want to purchase the sailor moon doll that includes the limited luna plus, but I’ve never used a proxy service before and to be honest I don’t want to fork over $250-$300 for her. (This is the going rate for her on ebay T_T)

I don’t know what to do anymore, I was hoping groove usa would announce something regarding the limited version because it’s not fair to exclude the international pullip fans who can’t live without the luna plush.

Why Groove why?




Furyu Colossal Titan Figure

Fury uploaded images of the Colossal Titan vinyl figure.

I so want to add him to my collection because I’ve been re watching the Shingeki no Kyojin Series over and over again, I just can’t get enough of that show :p

May is a light month for me figure wise, so I’ll be visiting eBay in hopes of purchasing him!

He’s just to tremendous to pass up.



Sailor Moon Pullip

smdollShut the front door!

I am like so excited right now, pullipdolldreams uploaded images of Pullip Sailor Moon.

I’ve been waiting for more info on this doll for like ever, so to see additional photos of her has made my day, because I was seriously concerned that she would never be released.

Summer 2014 is the confirmed release date but no price has been stated.

My only issue with this doll is her outfit, it looks utterly shiny which is a huge turnoff.

I also read a couple of fans opinions about this doll and they kept mentioning her hair and compared it to Pullip Miku; mainly that Sailor moons hair maybe difficult to maintain.


Pullip 2014

P122_15When is the next 2014 Pullip or Dal doll announcement?

I’m waiting to see something for the April 2014 release.

I’m literately checking everyday to see if anything has been posted.

The Sailor Moon doll has caught my eyes and everyday that goes by, I get a little crazy and worry that she won’t be released.

I know I’m a bit strange but I don’t like when I get excited about things, than to later find out that I got my hopes up for nothing.

It happens to me plenty of times . . .

Pullip fans out there, is this normal for the company to show samples of a doll 1-8 months in advance, before they are actually released?


Shingeki no Kyojin Cosplay

Mikasa_ready_to_battle_Annie_one_more_timeI’m thinking about cosplaying as Attack On Titan Mikasa this year!

I’ve been watching loads of youtube videos and I feel pretty confident in my makeup abilities.

I decided to cosplay as her because she is by far my favorite female protagonist; she is strong, loyal, and above all she does not depend on the male protagonist.

My friend on the other hand still hasn’t finalized a character he wants to cosplay as . . .

He narrowed it down to:

  • Attack On Titan Levi
  • Attack On Titan Armin

Lol guys are so indecisive, I of course want him to cosplay as Levi because well, Levi is H-O-T!


Blythe Dolls

Check out the amazing collection of Blythe Dolls this collector has.

I don’t have any blythe dolls in my collection yet, but watching this video has me extremely tempted to purchase one ASAP.



New To Pullip?

If you’re new to Pullip you maybe feeling overwhelmed, I know I was.

This is what I watched when I was just starting out and it helped ease all my questions and concerns.

It’s 20 minutes and packed fill of useful information.

I hope you will learn a lot from it like I did.


Pullip Prupate

Pullip PrupateI want this doll now!!!

I was Pullip surfing and found this gorgeous angel.

Angelic Pretty and Pullip teamed up to create Pullip Prupate.

She’s like a little circus trainer, the red/gold color combo is so pretty and the stars in her purple eyes did it in for me.

Gosh, I need to stop internet searching late at night.


My Pullip Wish List

Pullip Lunatic QueenCurrently I have 10 dolls on my wish list that I hope to obtain one of these days.

It’s such a big list for me and I’m overwhelmed; I can’t seem to decide who to  purchase first lol

This list is in no particular order

  1. Pullip Akemi
  2. Merl
  3. Alice Du Jardin
  4. Lunatic Queen
  5. LunaRosa
  6. Wilhelmina
  7. Kuhn
  8. Bloody Redhood (her name sounds so disgusting, but she’s truly gorgeous)
  9. Isul Mao
  10. Kiyomi
  11. *Pullip Sailor Moon

*She hasn’t been official announced yet :( so she’s technically a bonus doll added to the list :)

If you have any of the listed dolls, please help me decide <3


Pullip Vanessa

Pullip VanessaLook what I came across of today, a new doll from Groove named Pullip Vanessa

She is a stunner, I mean look at her, search the word diva and you will see her image next to the definition.

I like how her eyebrows are arched, she looks very fierce and sophisticated.

She will come with a trendy fur vest, over-sized tote bag to store all of her makeup, and a classy little black dress.

I’m not a fan of her bra peeking through, it’s a little tawdry even if she is only just a doll.

I’m fairly new to Pullips, but I feel like a lot of them have this sweet & innocent appearance, which quite frankly can be boring at times.

So I’m very pleased to see a doll that looks mature and not to overly sweet.

Sigh, my dolly wish list keeps on growing.


Pullip Make It Own Movie

Here is a cool movie I came across of Pullip doll parts.

I want to try my hands at creating my very own doll. I think it’s a brilliant idea that Groove is allowing fans the chance to create their own unique doll.


Sailor Moon Pullip Doll

You have got to be kidding me, I just learned that Sailor Moon and Pullip are collaborating to bring fans a Sailor Moon Pullip Doll!!!!!!!!!!!

You don’t even know how freakin excited I am right now, I like literally fell from my seat when I saw the news posted on the official Sailor moon site.

I think I now know what my first Pullip Style Doll will be, I need to start saving up cash quick!

I can’t wait to see what these dolls will look like.

Sailor Moon



Furyu Chatting Time Soniko Prize Figure

Furyu posted fully painted images of their Chatting Time Super Sonico prize figure!

I love the color choices, so bubbly and bright and Sonico looks so cute!

But I’m hesitant on this figure because something about her feet is bothering me.

[via FuRyu]


Super Sonico Campus Prize Figure


The Super Sonico campus prize figure has finally arrived. :)

I’m extremely glad I found her and very fortunate that I had the funds to obtain her, because the price on this girl has increased big time.

What makes the Super Sonico campus figure so special is the fact that it’s part of Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji lottery line; Prize A to be exact.

With Ichiban Kuji items, you would have to purchase a ticket at a Japanese store that is offering the particular item in question, and be one of the lucky person to draw the ticket to bring home that item.

Super Sonico Campus Prize Figure-300

I’m so happy with this figurine, Sonico is beyond beautiful and the attention to detail is just unbelievable.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that a microphone was included with her, since it was never shown in the promo photos, so that was pretty cool.



Pullip Alice Du JardinA month ago I stumbled across these adorable dolls named Pullip who have been around since 2003!

This fashion doll is created in South Korea by the company Cheonsang Cheonha and distributed through a Japanese company named Groove.

I believe every month a new doll is released along with other members who are also a part of this line.

Other dolls in this line include:

Taeyang – Boyfriend of Pullip
Isul- Brother of Pullip
Dal- Taeyang’s 13-year-old sister
Byul – Dal’s best friend

More info can be found on wiki, if you’re curious to learn more about this dolly.

I’m thinking about purchasing my first one, but haven’t yet decide which one to order.

There is this particular doll that is remarkably cute, her name is Pullip Akemi and she’s a Creator’s Label, I’m uncertain what that is but she is gorgeous.

Unfortunately for me and my wallet, she is just too expensive and costs $127.99.

At this time I’m hesitate on making a big purchase on a doll brand I’m unfamiliar with, but I may purchase a less expensive one in the not to distant future. :)


Captain Levi Still Manages To Look Intimidating Even In Chibi Form

Lookie lookie at what my sweet friend purchased for me!

Its Captain Levi in chibi form, isn’t he the cutest thing?

If I’m correct, I believe this rubber key chain is manufactured by Good Smile company.

Apparently it’s a new line from them called Picktam.

What’s so totally awesome about this particular rubber charm, is the fact that you can change out their facial expression. (One charm but 2 different expressions)

You can purchase the whole set of rubber charms which consist of 8 Shingeki no Kyojin characters: Levi, Erwin Smith, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Sasha Braus, Jean Kirschtein, & Christa Renz.

Now I want charms of Jean and Sasha.

Just looking at Levi on my desk, makes me want to watch Attack On Titan all over again, but unfortunately work and studies don’t allow me the benefit of such joys, I suppose I can just read through the attack on titan episode guide instead :P

Attack On Titan Picktam


Super Sonico Graduates Twice!

I’m having a difficult time deciding which version of the Super Sonico Campus Life figure I enjoy the most???

Both versions are extraordinary, Sonico looks extremely cute with her loose tie and glasses in hand.

But if I had to choose, I think my choice would be the Premium Special Color version.

What won me over was the neon bright color combo (so funky and 80’ish) to be more specific I favor her bright pink socks paired with those aqua blue heels with a dash of neon yellow on the bottom. I also like this version of the tie and shirt.

I can do without the polka dot graduation cap though, it kind of throws off the whole look for me.

My order is already placed for the regular version, but I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this one as well.

Which version do you prefer?

A_2 W_2

via 株式会社バンプレスト